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Millennial Strong was proud to speak to 40+ CEO clients of Insperity during their November Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX. 
David and Mark presented "12 Tips for Retaining Millennials" in order to help their clients become more effective in the workplace by giving them practical tips on how to work and connect with the Millennial Generation. 
Below are quotes from a handful of Insperity's clients: 

The information that David and Mark shared helped us understand what makes the Millennial generation tick and how it can help us work better with our workforce.



Today, I was reminded of the need to start with the why. Why do we do what we do?

I was very encouraged and inspired by what I learned today and I'm greatly looking forward to working with Mark and David because every workforce needs to feel motivated, engaged, and have a purpose behind their work.


Park Hill Medical

One thing we need to be doing as a business is connecting with consumers that are Millennials. Mark and David helped us understand what drives them so that we can ultimately grow our business.


Barryman Products

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