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Daily Devo for the Entrepreneur

Day 1 - Thinking Ahead = Good,  Negative Expectation = Bad


I had a few opportunities to check out one of the all-time great basketball coaches in action. Coach Krysewski of Duke Men’s Basketball is the winningest coach of men’s NCAA history. He said, I’ll retire when I’m not longer excited to prepare. If you’re don’t prepare to win, you don’t have a chance when you’re on the court. But most don’t know realize that level at which he is always prepared.  


At a practice, the starting point guard came down badly on his ankle.  He immediately went to the floor and begin to cry out in pain. The crowd reacted with a collective gasp and concern. A student photographer for the event, began to take pictures of the trainer examining the player. While walking over to his player, Coach K calmly told the student, “We don’t take players of injured seniors.”


Are you kidding me?! One of your star players is yelling in pain and you have the composure to notice a student photographer on the other side of the court and calmly guide him? Later, Coach K was asked about his every specific comment and he explained, “Seniors have so much on the line since they’ll likely enter into the draft at the end of the year. Every report or picture of even a minor injury at practice can seriously affect their chances of getting drafted.”


When it comes to difficult situations, most have two extreme points of view. Some choose to remain positive and not think bad thoughts. They don’t want to “jinx” themselves by thinking about anything bad. The other extreme is thinking about the negative too much they live in fear. So many things can go wrong, it’s almost like they create more negative than was already there.


There is a difference between preparing for possible scenarios and having a negative expectation.  There is a difference between living in fear and acknowledging that things rarely go according to plan.


Whatever your current project/plan you’re working on right now, think thru some of the possible people, strategy or execution issues that may come up.  How likely are those scenarios to occur? Have a simple and clear gameplan on how to turn huge roadblocks into simple detours and keep you moving closer to your goals.


Action Item:

Think about a conflict that’s brewing or a challenge that may come up as you execute your gameplan. Prepare a simple “What if…” gameplan so that you handle situations effectively and with poise.

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