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Millennial Strong for

Programs & Pricing 

• Q&A for those streaming live 

• Recording available on-demand for 2 weeks 

• UNLIMITED employees 

Works in cooperation with management team to provide insight/feedback from employees 

“Refreshing insights on personal development. Great opportunities to learn more about business outside of my department, which adds more dimension to my effectiveness within my department.” 

- Gloria Lin 

25 years old, Logistics & Operations Manager 

“It’s a breath of fresh air to learn exciting & new things outside of the weekly corporate grind. Learning lessons are definitely something I look forward to every week.” 

-Khalid Shibeika 

30 years old, Electrical Engineer 

12 Tips for Retaining Millennials

1. Invest in their personal development

Mistake: Wait until we're "worth" investing in...

Reality: "We LOVE to learn...we watch TEDx Talks and listen to podcasts for fun!

Solution: Create/encourage learning opportunities: seminars, weekly learning lessons, conferences, book groups, etc.

Remember: We see a lot of untapped potential inside of us...we hope you do too!

2. Care about our lives

Mistake: Work life & personal life should be completely separate.

Reality: Work life bleeds into our personal life...and that's OK for the right company.

Solution: Find ways to let us know you care...birthday present for mom, extended paternity leave, vacation, family picture board. 

Remember: If we're more than an employee, you're more than a job. 

3. Tell us we're making an impact

Mistake: Mission statements only live on your website, not in the day-to-day action. 

Reality: We are driven by purpose & impact...are we making a difference?


12 Tips for Retaining Millennials

Don't ask yourself:

What if you invest in your people and they leave?

Ask yourself:

What if you don't, and they stay?

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What are you doing to encourage career greatness on your team
and unlock the potential of your up-and-coming leaders? 
Surveys show that companies most successful at attracting and KEEPING young talent
create a culture of learning and invest in their development. 
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